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About Asia Law

Asia Law is a firm of seasoned international lawyers, serving the needs of companies doing business in Asia. With an emphasis on technology and intellectual property rights, Asia-Law has expertise in a broad-range of industries and legal matters. We strive to exceed expectations by providing the highest standards of professionalism, personal attention and innovative solutions.

Superior Service

While our attorneys were trained in the West, we have decades of combined experience living in Asia, handling sophisticated legal matters throughout Asia, Europe and North America. We have global standards but local connections and expertise.

Our attorneys have held senior legal positions inside various multi-national companies, leading cross-functional teams from sales, finance, legal and R&D, working closely with management, delivering practical, cost-effective solutions. We understand business considerations, know the value of accountability and focus on helping clients to achieve their objectives, without getting bogged down in legal procedures.

Our expertise covers a broad range of industries and assignments, including commercial and corporate transactions, dispute resolution, complex litigation and legal compliance, with a particular focus on technology and intellectual property rights. To see our practice areas, click here.

Superior Value

Asia Law provides exceptional service, without the layers of bureaucracy found in many large firms, allowing us to devote greater personal attention and care to each client. At Asia Law, your case won’t be re-assigned to a novice attorney or double-billed by a high-priced partner in a fancy corner office. With honesty, integrity and just plain hard work, we strive to develop long-term, satisfied relationships by delivering the best service at the best price.

Aside from our results-driven representation, we provide superior value and predictability by offering low hourly rates and a variety of cost-effective, flexible fee arrangements. Depending on the matter, we will gladly work together to develop an arrangement that best suits each client’s needs, including the following possibilities:

  • Volume Discounts. Low hourly rate with stepped up discounts based on volume.
  • Flat Rate Contracts. Consultation and drafting of superb contracts at a low, flat rate.
  • Flat Rate Projects. Legal matters handled for one fixed fee, or fixed fee per phase.
  • Fixed Monthly Fee. No need to add costly headcount: why not outsource your corporate counsel? We will work with you to tailor a plan best suited to fill your needs, whether it’s handling of all contracts, all disputes, all legal matters, or something else, providing a comprehensive solution at a low, fixed rate.